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FoliPrime is a special Egyptian balm that helps keep your hair healthy. Unlike regular hair products, FoliPrime focuses on solving the real problem behind unhealthy hair.

This unique formula works by cleaning your scalp. It removes heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins that can block and damage your hair follicles.

With FoliPrime, you won’t have to deal with dull and lifeless hair anymore. Instead, you’ll enjoy vibrant and healthy hair.


Why Choose FoliPrime?


GMP Certified

FoliPrime is certified by GMP, guaranteeing top-notch pharmaceutical quality.


Made In USA

FoliPrime is made in a facility based in the USA.


FDA Approved

FoliPrime is made in an FDA-registered facility that follows strict FDA regulations.


100% Natural

We’re happy to announce that FoliPrime is all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Happy Customers of FoliPrime

customer reviews

Sarah D. - New York, USA

"I can't believe how much FoliPrime has transformed my hair! After just a few weeks of using it, I noticed less breakage and my hair feels so much thicker and healthier. Plus, it smells amazing, like fresh herbs! I love that it's made with natural ingredients, so I know I'm not putting anything harmful on my scalp. Definitely worth every penny!"

customer reviews

John - Wyoming, USA

"My hair has always been on the finer side, but after using FoliPrime for a few months, I can honestly say it's never looked better. Not only does it look thicker and fuller, but it also feels stronger and more resilient. I love that it's made with natural ingredients and is free of any harsh chemicals. It's become a staple in my daily routine!"

customer reviews

Daniel C. - California, USA

"This serum is a lifesaver for anyone dealing with a dry, itchy scalp like I was. Not only does FoliPrime promote hair growth, but it also soothes and moisturizes the scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed. I've struggled with dandruff for years, but since using this serum, it's practically nonexistent. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

What is FoliPrime?

foliprime supplement

Foliprime is a special hair product created by a guy named Mark Peterson. He really loves plants and came up with this product by improving an old African idea to fix hair loss. He worked on it in his lab in the US. Mark strongly believes that Foliprime can make a big difference in your life.

So, what exactly is Foliprime? It’s a new kind of liquid that helps keep your scalp healthy and makes your hair grow longer. You can find it in small bottles. It’s made from natural ingredients that have been tested a lot to make sure they really work.

What does it do for your hair? Well, it gives your hair everything it needs to be awesome and stops it from getting damaged. It makes your hair flexible, adds moisture to it, and makes it strong so it doesn’t easily break.

Foliprime also protects your hair from bad stuff like dirt and pollution. It prevents your scalp from getting dry and keeps your hair feeling nice and soft.

One of the coolest things about Foliprime is that it helps your hair grow faster and prevents it from falling out. Plus, it makes your hair super soft and shiny. It basically helps your hair grow the way it’s supposed to and keeps it healthy.


How Does FoliPrime Supplement Works?

FoliPrime’s hair support formula usually takes about two months to show noticeable results. This is because it’s made of natural ingredients that need time to work their magic.

Hair growth happens in stages. First, there’s the active growth phase called Anagen. Then, hair moves into the Catagen stage, where it starts to break down. Finally, there’s the Telogen stage, when hair falls out naturally. Normally, people lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. If it’s more than that, it could mean you’re losing more hair than usual.

Hair loss can happen for different reasons, like not getting enough vitamins and minerals on your scalp. This can make hair follicles shrink and die, leading to more hair falling out.

FoliPrime helps by giving your scalp the nutrients it needs to reduce hair fall and solve scalp problems, like dandruff and baldness.

People who’ve used FoliPrime say it starts working in just a few days. It not only fixes nutrient shortages but also helps balance your body’s hormones, which is good for healthy hair growth. Plus, it doesn’t have any bad stuff like preservatives or harmful chemicals.

The main goal of FoliPrime is to get rid of dead cells, scalp infections, and anything else that’s stopping new hair from growing. It does this by giving your hair-growing area the right nutrients.

Unlike some other treatments, FoliPrime doesn’t have any side effects, so you can use it every day for a long time, even months or years.

For the best results, it’s recommended to go for the six-month package. It might take between two to six months to fully make your scalp healthy again and stop hair loss.

FoliPrime Supplement Benefits

FoliPrime is a special mix of natural extracts from plants and oils that are proven to help hair grow strong, keep your scalp healthy, and stop hair from getting thin. It works for all hair types. Here’s why it’s great:

No Bad Stuff: FoliPrime doesn’t have any extra chemicals or preservatives, so it won’t cause any serious problems when you use it the right way.

Healthy Scalp: It cleans up dead skin cells, helps new skin cells grow on your scalp, and stops infections. Plus, it gives your scalp all the good stuff it needs to stay healthy.

Bye-bye Dandruff: FoliPrime clears up annoying scalp issues like dandruff.

Strong Hair: It makes your hair stronger and stops it from falling out.

Long-term Fix: FoliPrime doesn’t just cover up hair loss – it fixes the problem so your hair can stay healthy for a long time.

Hormone Helper: It balances out your hormones, which not only helps your hair but also makes you feel better overall.

Affordable: It’s cheaper than a lot of other hair products that claim to help with hair loss.

Made Right: FoliPrime is made in clean, safe places in the United States that have been checked and certified.

Backed by Happy Customers: Lots of people online have good things to say about FoliPrime, and tests from labs that aren’t connected to the company show that it’s really good and pure.

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FoliPrime Ingredients

Lemon Essential Oil: This oil is great for preventing hair loss and tightening skin. It improves blood flow to your scalp, relieves itching, and fights off lice and dandruff.

Castor Oil: It nourishes your scalp, boosts hair growth, and strengthens strands. It also fights off infections and helps with dry scalp.

Turmeric Oil: Reduces dandruff and fights fungal infections. It’s also anti-inflammatory, soothing an itchy scalp.

Candelilla Wax: Gives hair a shiny, glossy look. It’s full of nutrients and locks in moisture, great for conditioners and scalp treatments.

Niacin: Boosts hair growth by supplying oxygen to hair follicles, especially helpful for people with alopecia (hair loss).

Biotin (Vitamin B7): Helps produce keratin, a protein important for hair growth. Not having enough can lead to hair thinning.

Stinging Nettle Extract: Supports growth of cells in hair follicles, which help control hair growth.

Cayenne Pepper Extract: Improves blood flow to the scalp, encouraging hair growth and adding shine.

Hyaluronic Acid: Acts as a moisturizer, nourishing both hair and scalp.

Zinc Oxide: Important for healthy DNA and RNA, stabilizing hormone levels and promoting healthier hair.

Tea Tree Oil: Soothes scalp irritation, prevents buildup of dead skin and chemicals, and nourishes hair roots.

MCT Oil (Medium-chain triglycerides): Protects hair from damage and protein loss, found in coconut oil.

Argan Oil: Prevents split ends, reduces breakage, and moisturizes scalp and hair.

180-Days Money Back Guarantee:


We believe in our foliprime supplement’s quality and effectiveness. That’s why we promise a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

If you’re not happy with the results, just let us know within the next 60 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. Your satisfaction matters most to us, and we want you to feel confident in trying foliprime.

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FoliPrime Frequently Asked Questions

FoliPrime stands out because it’s made of natural ingredients sourced locally and isn’t treated with chemicals. Its formula is precisely balanced to promote hair growth effectively.

FoliPrime is suitable for both men and women looking to improve the health of their hair and scalp. Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair or just want to boost your hair’s vitality, FoliPrime can help.

Using FoliPrime is easy! Simply apply 2-3 drops of the serum to your scalp and gently massage it in circular motions. This helps the serum absorb effectively. It’s a liquid serum, so there’s no need to swallow any pills.

Absolutely! FoliPrime is free from toxins and harmful additives, making it completely safe for regular use. Plus, it’s manufactured under sterile conditions, following strict good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the USA.

While individual results may vary, many users report seeing noticeable improvements in hair health and growth within a few weeks of regular use. Consistency is key for best results.

Yes, you can easily incorporate FoliPrime into your existing hair care routine. It complements other products and can enhance their effectiveness in promoting healthier hair.

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